New Wireless NES Adapter Pairs Old-School Gaming With New-School Tech

No more tripping over cords while you’re playing your favorite old-school NES games on the original Nintendo console!¬†Analogue and 8BitDo have released a Bluetooth adapter for the classic NES controller.

The classic NES gaming console just scored the wireless upgrade it deserves with a new Bluetooth-enabled adapter called the Retro Receiver. The retro hardware builders at Analogue who released the NES console Analogue Nt in 2015 teamed up with the wireless controller company 8Bitdo to design and release the Bluetooth controller adapter.

Read the rest of this article here: http://www.cnet.com/news/old-school-gaming-meets-new-school-tech-with-analogues-wireless-nes-adapter/

8 Bit Your Life


We all have our theme songs. You know, the music that’s playing in your head whenever you’re tackling a big challenge, approaching a beautiful woman, or getting your workout on. Call me a geek (nerd, dork, what have you) but sometimes for me it’s the old Super Mario Bros. theme song, but lately it’s been this one…

And lately I’ve been feeling fantastic!


Get Pixeled!

Want to create crazy or funny avatars for the things you like to do online? If so then there are many services online that will allow you to create 8-bit avatars from just about any image or photo you can find. The following links will help you create an 8 bit avatar of yourself. And the finished product actually looks pretty cool! Some require that you register first, but others do not. But the important thing is that they are all free and they will even allow you to create a full-body avatar (some even allow you to animate them as well).

Follow the below links to get started 8-bitting yourself now:

Happy 8 Bitting!